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Burglary, theft and other unauthorized access by intruders is an ongoing problem. Businesses, industry, infrastructure, gated communities and private residences often have intruders breach the perimeter and commit crimes while on their property. Alarm systems and security cameras are reactive, not proactive. They mitigate the problem, but only after a break-in has already occurred. Audio Visual Integration, Inc. offers a variety of solutions to protect your perimeter and deter crime before it happens. Need help? Call us today at 321-228-5053.


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Protection Devices


Property Crime

According to FBI statistics, there were an estimated 6,925,677 property crime offenses in the nation during 2019 resulting in losses estimated at $15.8 billion. 

Alarm Systems

When an unauthorized person enters your property, the alarm system doesn't sound until they have already broken in. There is no detection at the point of entry along the perimeter and no notification to the intruder that they have been detected before the break-in happens.

Our patented sentry pole notification system may be installed in addition to beams & lasers as part of your perimeter protection package. When a beam is broken or a laser detects a breach in the perimeter, the siren, lights and cameras are triggered. This records the activity, provides breach notification to security guards and to the intruder so they will flee knowing they have been detected.

Security Cameras

After a break-in and theft has occurred, video footage from the security cameras is helpful for law enforcement. However, in many cases the video quality is grainy and insufficient for identifying a suspect.

Security is important in a world where break-ins are common, and we know that protecting your family and business are of great concern. Top quality security cameras from AVI can provide the footage you need to help identify a suspect. Cameras can be viewed remotely on your phone or other device in real time or you can access playback footage. We also offer license plate cameras, night vision cameras and extended recording capabilities.

Optex REDSCAN Pro Laser

The Optex REDSCAN Pro laser advanced LiDAR sensor series offers long-range, intelligent, secure and customizable security options for indoor and outdoor use.

The various applications include important facility protection, rooftop protection, wall protection, loitering protection and so much more!

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Perimeter Security Solutions

Waterfront Protection

Do you have unwanted visitors accessing your property to use your pools, amenities, docks or  other facilities? Is your waterfront secure? Do you have unwelcome boat traffic through your marina? We can offer various solutions based on your specific situation. 

Perimeter Boundary

Wall Protection

Tunnel Security

Gate Surveillance

Our Patented Sentry Pole

We designed, engineered and patented our sentry pole notification system because we found that there was an unmet need in perimeter security. What was missing was a device that would provide an audible and visible warning to an intruder or trespasser that they have entered an unauthorized area and their presence has been detected. When sentry poles are installed as part of a perimeter security system, we have found that the vast majority of the time the intruder or trespasser will abandon their attempted break-in or unauthorized entry and immediately retreat.

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Reduce False & Missed Alarms

REDSCAN Pro series is a LiDAR sensor which can recognize a moving object’s size, speed and distance. Features include:

  • Auto area adjustments to detect ground height changes in areas that are sandy, snowy or in conditions where leaves may pile up. 
  • Small animal tolerances are used to reduce false alarms due to small animals that enter the the vertical detection area.
  • Environmental resistance functions are used to reduce false alarms in harsh environments such as foggy or rainy conditions.

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