Wireless Beams

Wireless beams use active infrared technology and are also known as photobeams or photoelectric detectors. When the invisible infrared light beam is interrupted due to a perimeter breach, an alarm signal is automatically triggered.

Active infrared beams consist of a pair of transmitter and receiver units, where the transmitter unit constantly emits infrared beams to the receiver and will send a signal if the transmission is broken by an intruder.

Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC)

The beams automatically control, adjust and optimize the power to maintain optimal performance. It also decreases false and missed alarms caused by fog, frost, cross talk and signal saturation.

Battery Operated Beams

Ideally suited to protect remote locations or areas difficult to wire. The wireless ready, battery operated photoelectric detectors are deployable in a variety of locations and conditions.

When Optex engineers designed the battery-operated active infrared beams, they specified that lithium batteries will ensure the best performance and longevity. Lithium based batteries last longer and they can withstand colder temperature which is a key benefit as these beams are installed in an outdoor environment.

Batteries for Optex Beams

Active Infrared Technology

Active infrared technology is also known as photobeams or photoelectric detectors. The beams use both a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter sends invisible infrared light to the receiver and when the infrared beam is interrupted, an alarm is triggered.

The farther the beam travels, the farther it spreads.

The “beam” is pulsed infrared and the light pulses very rapidly (80-300 per second). Even when the “light” can’t be seen, it is impossible to determine or defeat the pulse intervals.

Dual modulation helps cut down on interference. Sunshine protection helps further eliminate false alarms which could be caused by sunlight, car headlights and other external sources of light which could otherwise confuse the sensors.

Quad beam prevents false alarms which could be caused by things like birds, falling leaves and insects.

Beams are selected based on distance and features and enclosure heights vary based on project specifications.

Optex Active Infrared Beam Videos

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