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OPTEX, the global leader in sensing solutions, has released the all new REDSCAN PRO laser detection sensor, featuring the longest range yet in the REDSCAN series, making it the best solution for the highest security sites.

The REDSCAN PRO laser can detect the direction of an intruder, the speed at which they are moving, and can discern between animals and humans.

Award-winning REDSCAN PRO LiDAR series

The latest evolution in the award-winning REDSCAN LiDAR series, REDSCAN PRO can very accurately detect intruders to a range of 165x330ft (50x100m), without any ‘gaps’ in the detection or the reliability ‘fading’ with range. By creating rectangular as opposed to circular (fan-shaped) detection patterns, there are no unnecessary overlaps, providing great coverage for virtual wall applications such as facade and fence protection, and for virtual planes to cover open areas, ceilings and roofs. The REDSCAN Pro series includes two models – the RLS-3060V with a range up to 100x200ft (30x60m) and the RLS-50100V up to 165x330ft (50x100m). 


With onboard analytics, the REDSCAN Pro can analyze the size, speed and distance of moving objects. The LiDAR sensor device intelligence allows it to only detect targets that meet the set criteria, alerting the system of genuine intrusions while ignoring false alarms triggered by moving wildlife or swaying vegetation.

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National Defense Authorization Act Declaration

In August 2018, National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 (US Government appropriations and procurement) was signed into U.S. Law. Per OPTEX Co., LTD., the products listed in the attached sheet are in compliance with Section 889 in the NDAA.

New & Improved Laser Features

A square detection range can be covered with a smaller number of installations.

Vertical or horizontal detection areas are selectable.

Three mounting options are available to match the installation site.

Detection sensitivity can be set to different sensitivity levels at small sections, like a doorway.

Detection sensitivity can be set to different levels to the left or right.

Different detection areas can generate a pre-warning signal or an alarm.

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